I still remember when Billy and I arrived at Galagos for our first wedding… we were blown away by the breathtaking scenery and lush green forest. The architecture was so unusual; it looked like another world on its own.

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The Chapel is beautifully lit up by natural and soft light everywhere. The steps leading up to the chapel and down again after the ceremony, makes the most beautiful artistic photographs for those special moments with Dad walking up the aisle and down again throwing petals.

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A group photograph with the wedding party is also easily captured by the height advantage from the chapel. Come rain or shine, this venue offers multiple options for photographs throughout the entire venue.

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The inimitable purple bathroom, forest adventures, multiple coloured walls, is to name just a few of our favourites. For sunset shots, you may have to venture outside of the venue, which is easy to accomplish.

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One thing I can certainly say is exceptional from a supplier’s point of view is their friendly, helpful staff! They value each supplier, with such care, that we have yet to experience this level of service anywhere else. Galagos is by far one of our most favourite venues, from any angle!