Arriving for the first time at this venue as a wedding photographer certainly gets your creative juices flowing, with a sense of awe.

Bushveld greets you at every corner, giving you a glimpse of a pristine wildlife experience. The accommodations all have décor elements of an old world charm, which compliments the outdoor “look”. This is especially important when we photograph the bride and groom in their suits before the ceremony. The colours and feel of the images throughout the day compliments each other in every setting.

The magical forest venue is indeed magical. This beautiful thick forest of trees is a seasoned photographers “light” playground, in the ceremony as well as creative session. Rays of light and sunset colours may find you at each moment in the day, so timing is everything.

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For the creative session, the highlight for any photographer is the opportunity to capture your couple with one of God’s most beautiful creatures. This can also be a very nerve-racking experience if your photographer is not a “real” professional. There are precautions in safe guarding everyone, so we have a lot to consider while shooting.

To creatively see moments as it happens, as well as have a clear creative direction for those few available shots. We not only instruct the couple but also what each elephant must do and where.

With a unique opportunity like this, you want your photographer to capture the rarity of the moment with ease while still capturing the romantic feel your wedding photographs should have. Not a panicky, nervous experience of the couple just standing there, with little or no direction or creativity. Use a photographer who will consider all the possibilities, without being nervous about the possible dangers and precautions.

With the elephants, the venue has so much more to offer for your creative session, old broken down buildings, bushveld, mountains, forest and the most spectacular sunsets visible throughout the venue at every angle. If you want an African meets fairytale photographic experience, Askari has that and so much more to offer!